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Here's what you get:

  • Lifetime online access to the entire Simple Writing System Home Study Course video library... so you'll be able to review the program, at your leisure, whenever you want.
  • Unrestricted lifetime access to all the bonus reports on how to specifically use your new SWS skills for email, social media (especially Facebook), paid ads, direct mail, Video Sales Letters, and every other marketing tool and tactic available today.
  • The amazing Workbook -- containing the entire presentation used in the video lessons... plus a complete copy of every ad, web page and letter used in the lessons... which doubles as the best "swipe file" of tested, proven copy examples you'll ever own.
  • Online access to the "Best Of" student / teacher Q&A and interaction from our SWS Coaching Program archives. You'll see exactly how students and top copywriters use the SWS to craft their best ads.
  • Special Bonus #1: 6 months of membership in The Marketing Rebel Insider's Club. You'll get dozens of additional marketing lessons and templates... plus be able to ask John Carlton and the Marketing Rebel Team any question about copy, marketing funnels, starting and running a business, etc. When you get stuck, the MRIC is there to get you back on track and moving ahead.
  • Special Bonus #2: The much-sought-after compilation of marketing Power Words (which can immediately juice up the result-getting mojo of everything you write).

Your Satisfaction Guarantee:

You are covered by a very generous guarantee... starting today.

The SWS Home Study Course comes with a 30-day, no questions asked, moneyback guarantee.

We do ask just one small favor... that you test-drive the course by completing just 2 lessons before asking for a refund. (This isn't something you must do. Just a favor we ask.)

To get a refund, all you'll need to do is return your SWS Workbook to us (in any condition) in the next 30 days. Once it's received, you'll get a prompt, full refund (less shipping costs).

This proven system really will give you the tools and skills to write everything necessary for your marketing and advertising to thrive.

The only way to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is to fill out the form below.

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All the materials you'll need to begin the Simple Writing System are available online. This means you can get started today (before your workbook arrives). We've got you covered.

Don't forget -- you can try out the Simple Writing System for a full month.

As soon as you press the Order button, we'll send you straight to a page where you'll complete your Marketing Rebel Insider's Club membership. That's where you'll find all of the SWS videos and bonuses, so please do not skip that next step (because it gives you immedate access to everything.)

See you on the inside. -- John Carlton

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